jeu. 04 févr. | Książ Wielkopolski


Date & Duration: 04-06 February 2021 (3 Days) Price: 1600 euro Course Purpose: The course is designed to teach our students how to operate different weapons systems, in a tactical/combat environment, but from atypical shooting position, in close and medium range. This Course requires earlier...
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Heure et lieu

04 févr. à 08:00 – 06 févr. à 18:00
Książ Wielkopolski, 63-130 Książ Wielkopolski, Pologne

À propos de l'événement

Training Program:

TRTP Stage 1:

  • Safety Briefing
  • Fundamentals of Weapon Manipulation and Marksmanship: Re-fresh

TRTP Stage 2 Pistol/Carbine:

  • Unconventional shooting positions
  • Tactical reload/speed reload
  • Weak hand shooting drills: single hand manipulations
  • Concealed and open carry / CCF
  • CCS / Concealed and Cover shooting
  • MTE / Multiple target engagement – static and moving
  • Index shoot
  • IFR / Immediate Firing Response

TRTP Stage 3 SWAT:

  • SSE Pistol/Carbine: with Time pressure and without
  • TTM / Tactical Transition in Motion
  • TST and TSM engagements
  • Contact drills / Team work
  • Use of obstacle and obstruction
  • Iron and Aim Point shooting-Reflex
  • LLSD (low light shooting drills)
  • Shooting under stress / IRS
  • Suppressive Fire Techniques
  • Summary of the Course: De-Briefing & Q&A’s
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